My Earth day poem

Happy Earth day to everyone! Here is a poem I wrote for all of you on this magical day! Enjoy! 

Is it crazy to want to run away
it’s sometimes hard to bear the day

To find a land without the hustle and bustle
clean air to breath & no government to muscle

Is it strange to want to disappear 
to a place where clean air is near

I feel stronger than the general race
who lives in fear without a face

Bowing down to this place of control
our food, our air our very soul

It’s not my time to break away just yet
with lives to change goals must be met

In the end you will see
this World we live in needs to “just be”

Andrea Cox

Doing “the work” to become a better person.

Want to save the world from the destruction you are witnessing all around you? Then go to work on your self! Rarely ever is this type of “work” found in mass movements or by following the pack! 

If you want to eliminate the pain and anguish you see when you walk outside of the comfortable confines of your home then work on healing yourself from the pain and anguish of your childhood, past failures and failed relationships. Want to help a friend who is always negative? Then rid yourself of your own negativity first! Want to tell that person how you feel when you hear them gossip? Then take a vow to never speak poorly behind someones back again! Want your spouse to be 150% loyal and true? Then don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do if they were standing over your shoulder! Want your children to develop good healthy eating habits? Then first display respect to yourself, beginning with what you put in your own body and how you care for it!

Our learned behaviors become our personality traits that we grow to love or grow to hate. ANYTHING you struggle with including addiction can be conquered! We must ALWAYS go within FIRST to do this and to help others!

Doing "the work" to become a better person!
Doing “the work” to become a better person!

Here is something I wrote to myself the other day. It started out by being a silly list of personal goals Now its become something I am driven to succeed with!

“Today I will meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes. Today I will give praise and honor to the Lord. Today I will get my vitamin D from the sunshine! Today I will be more patient with others. Today I will be the girl smiling at the gym from ear to ear. Today I will set a goal to attend yoga seven times per week instead of six. Today I will work on my next book! Today I will spend a designated amount of time on my business! Today I will eat consciously without a computer or cell in front of me. Today I will love myself a little more than I did yesterday because I know, I deserve all the stars and rainbows this World has to offer”!

Now go out there and conquer this beautiful thing we call life!

Love you Lil A:)

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