Andrea Cox: psychic intuitive reader

Although it took me until my third decade of life to accept the downloads that were coming to me from my ancestors and guides, I now know that I have been connecting with Spirit and Divine guidance since I was a child. During our session together, I deliver messages to you that are presented with the intention to support you along your journey in this lifetime.

The guidance and wisdom I am presented with coming in different forms including, but not limited to, visions, dreams, auditory messages, energetic and physical sensations.

The sessions are a conversation between Spirit, you, myself, and my guides. Often times I will get direct precise information to provide you with the clarity you need.

My readings often come with the bonus of clairvoyant "divine direction" messages from spirit to guide you within the realms of your relationships, career, and in the area of overall wellness.

During your intuitive psychic reading, you will realize almost instantly that you are working with a true professional intuitive reader who has strong psychic abilities.

Professional intuitive readings: What you get

With Andrea Cox's professional intuitive readings and intuitive guidance sessions, your satisfaction guarantee is of the utmost importance!

  • You will leave your session feeling as though you have true empowerment
  • You will know the exact direction you are headed
  • You will have clarity within your relationships, career, and within your health and wellness
  • You will have connected with both my spirit guides and your own

Intuitive Guidance about your love life

During our session, I deliver messages to you that are presented with the intention to support you along your journey in this lifetime. If I feel a partner is karmic or if your astrological placements point that way, I will feel obligated to share this with you in a gentle yet honest manner.

Channeling of your spirit guides

Often your guides (lost loved ones who have crossed over) will come through to me immediately (within the first few moments) of us connecting. I can help you connect to your loved ones who have crossed over. Whether it be a grandmother, past lover, or even a pet, they often come through within the first few minutes.

Astrology interpretation

I offer interpretations and techniques for interpreting your natal chart, including aspects, planets in houses, planets in signs, declinations, midpoints, and how they may be clashing within partnerships.

Use of healing modalities such as sound healing

If I feel as though your chakras are out of alignment, I will not hesitate to balance your chakras with my sacred bowls.

Use of divination tools such as tarot cards

Although my true gift is channeling an astrology interpretation, sometimes, tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, candles, crystals, and copal are needed.

What is an intuitive reading & how will it help me?

An intuitive reading is where your guides and my guides come together to guide you along your path. I am much different than a psychic source, kasamba, or other tarot readers. I take my mediumship very seriously. I've been in the field of cellular detoxification and wellness for over a decade.

I truly believe "your issues live in your tissues" and take a holistic approach of energy healing into each of my readings.

During my intuitive readings, you will truly connect with not only your ancestors who have crossed over (if you choose to do so), but also with your innate psychic abilities.

What makes me different than other intuitive readers is that I provide accurate readings coupled with channeled messages from my guides and yours.

My intuitive readings are for you if…


Prior to my reading with Andrea, I was struggling with my understanding of my daughter's combative behavior while also suffering through a divorce proceeding. Andrea used her intuitive gifts along with tarot cards to show me the exact steps to take in order to navigate the tough times I was going through. Carolin White, New York, NY

Andrea's reading of my birth chart along with my partner's chart was just what we needed to see that "YES, we are truly each other's TWIN FLAME"! Aimee Pacifico, Ashford, Connecticut

Andrea connected with my beloved brother who had both passed several years ago to put me at ease over the way they left this earth. Marc Dudla Cincinnati, Ohio


After booking your intuitive reading, a member of Andrea’s team will be in touch with you to book your intuitive reading immediately. Your intuitive reading will be done over the phone or on Facetime depending on what you choose.

Please see the drop-down menu if you choose a facetime call.

All readings are one hour in length

Please be in a quiet place during the time of our call.

There are no refunds once your reading is purchased. If you should need to reschedule, you may do so one time providing you give Andrea 24 hours notice.

What is an intuitive reader?

A great intuitive reader uses their psychic gifts and other trusted esoteric divination tools or ancient systems to provide you with the best psychic reading possible. Many readers are also gifted psychics who specialize in love, relationships, career, forecasts, past lives, dream interpretations, pet communication, and more.

By scheduling a session with me, you understand I am not a medical doctor nor do I diagnose, treat or prevent any condition or advise you to alter or change any medications and always recommend you continue to see your doctor(s) and medical professionals.

Andrea Cox

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